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Brand born from the desire to create something new and exciting for all women who consider that their shoes are not only an accessory. Never forgetting the importance of the shoe design, PARODI PASSION conquest by comfort and quality, reflecting the exuberant personality and independent attitude of women wearing them. Thinking in contemporary women, sophisticated, feminine and with passion for shoes, PARODI PASSION was created to think not only in comfort and quality but essentially in the shoe that fits all occasions... never forgetting that it is a 'work of art" with a design "out of the box”.
PARODI SUNSHINE is young, is trendy, is irreverent, is your best ally in every moment of your day. With a bold design, feeling the pulse of the latest trends, our creative team seeks to design shoes that are a celebration of style, attitude and irreverence.
With an eclectic attitude, PARODI SWEET arrived to sweeten the daily life of the cosmopolitan woman, who is not defined within a style or trend. Design freely, our creative team has only one limitation: to make life sweeter to its users celebrating all styles! With fashion solutions to the challenges of everyday, PARODI SWEET promises to provide a walk with style in the achievements of your daily life.
Set in the whirlwind of information that stirs the daily life of women, PETITE JOLIE by PARODI emerges as a brand that has versatility as its fundamental characteristics. In the everyday life of its consumers, the PETITE JOLIE by PARODI creates shoes that convey not only style, but also a playful and fun atmosphere.
With this focus comes its wide set of colours, models and applications on sandals, sneakers, ballerinas and heels that can be both basic and elaborate, perfects for many different situations.
This is what drives  PETITE JOLIE by PARODI: creating not only a shoe, but also a concept that combines delicacy and fun to a visual appeal that can lead to unique moments. Visit us on Facebook!