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Our passion for shoes started, a long time ago, in the 60′s.

Based in Portugal and with Italian roots, Parodi set out to design, create and develop shoes collections with ready to wear fashion designs where the creativity and the details are the main focus. We also study the best materials to get the nicest look and best standards of comfort because for us it’s crucial that our clients feels well everyday with our shoes.

Our commitment is to offer Glamour! We base our collections on originality, with unique designs, always with high attention to the materials. This selection is performed with great Passion and attention to detail.
We are inspired in the beauty of everything that surrounds our day life. We look for the happiness and for everything that can have an affect on that. We look for the small life details that can gives us joy and happiness. We look after new experiences, emotions and we share them.
This attitude with life mixed with a department focused on the market trends of fashion, helps us to search for the best materials, details, components until we get the final drawing and shoe.

Our desire is to always be in the forefront of fashion.